Spencer Finch’s – Lost Man Creek

Spencer Finch merged with Save the Redwoods league, and planted a mere 4,000 Dawn Redwoods in the heart of metrotech. This an environmentally aware public art piece. The original trees can grow taller than 160 ft, but unfortunately cannot grow in the environment in downtown Brooklyn. The purpose behind this art is not only to raise awareness for Redwood tree’s, but to collaborate a very busy metro tech with a California forest.


BRIC (State-Hood)

Estadsita(State-Hood) Miguel Luciano exhibited his commemoration to┬áthe traditions of Puerto Rican bike gangs along with other art work that raises questions about the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. I found myself spending the most time trying to understand this piece of art. Luciano was exhibiting heightened racism through the United States and Puerto Rico’s pro state-hood legislature.